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JAAL ILC - HRC members

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Celebrate IEW November 12-16!

The Right of Women in Afghan Society
Before Islam the Women did not have any rights to live, within their opening eyes to the world their families were killing them and they thought them something like sham for themselves, but after the Islam came it avoid people for killing the women and gave them their proper Rights so that they can live on the earth planet as the men do.

And Islam assigned all the rights of Women to the men so that men have to take care of their wife.

Our Prophet Mohammad (Peach be up on him) made it clear that both the male and female have to get education.

Islam never told women not to get education, in Islam all the Women have the right of getting education and they are responsible making their children well educated.

We respect all the Rights of Women give them by Islam

Written by: Azat ullah (Sahil) “Bargamai”

Celebrate IEW November 12-16!

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Human Rights Program members said...

shafie said...
First of all I would like to say congratulation this honourable day for all women of
the world specially to afghan women.then
As we know that woman is the best jewel of the world. Without her this nice nature is nothing for us. if we return to Islam there is a balance between man and woman’s rights.
Woman has a important rule in afghan community.
Woman has this right to educate ,vote and saying freedom(Azadi Bayan right)
Woman should be educated ,because with out a female woman a male can not born the babies and others like this.
Men can’t continue his life without women.
In our country most men are at home and not working to earn expences for his family because of the problems that they have,in this case woman should work and earn expences by her education that she has or they have this right to vote and select her presedent of her country as men can. ,but if we put view on the woman’s right in Afghanistan we will see that women’s right have been up warded in here in the term of Taleban reguim.
Now we are so happy that woman’s day is celebrated in Afghanistan. we all really appreciate the Reliefe international and other officials that they celebrate this nice and universal day in Afghanistan.

March 5, 2007 10:09 PM
Muqim Shah said...
my name is neptoon doughter of M Zaheer i am 15 years old and i am studing in BB Maryam high school in grade 10 and i am the firs student of my class in my school and this is my coment about the human rights .
human rights dont want to wast the othe socity rights the human rights dont want to stress the people which living in the socity
human rights want to have Gender in this Gender we have equality for all mena nd women .

March 5, 2007 10:11 PM
shafie said...
The woman plays a basic role and right in afghan society.the islam society does not face women with dilemma according their rights and role, because they face a lot of difficulites and dilema’s in marriage life . when allah created the world on that time also created the man and woman with equal rights so in this case it looks that islam has a light mind with their rights.the basic role of women is this when they are borning child and receiving her hasband’s and his family’s pleasure.and also the women can work like a man in a society for example wman can also be a doctor , an engeneer ,a presedent , a etacher and so on.
Women can also have the freedom of : working out side , azadi bayan, education etc
,but un fortunately in afghan society the people don,t accept the role and rights of womens.


E mail adress:freshta_alemi@yahoo.com

March 5, 2007 10:14 PM
shafie said...
The role of woman in afghan society
First of all I want say something about the right of woman in our society I mean in afghan society woman is something vary important so I want say for you that we should respect woman’s
You know that woman has an important role in society if we look so carefully and if we would be on the ball we can understand that woman is the half of a society in afghan society also woman have a lot of roles but no one is caring about them so in this case I can say that of course there are woman’s who are working hard for example; they are teachers or doctors and etc so in this case this is so important that afghan woman’s participate in every kind of works
I wish afghan woman’s should improve more and

The right of afghan woman’s

Every woman has a lot of rights the same as the mans
For example
1; the education right.
2; the right of the traveling. And etc
So now we should came on the point for example the right of woman in our society woman’s has a lot of the rights but the
Cant have there rights and use from that.
I wish the should improve a lot.

Name; paktina azizi

[ student of ILC Kabul Afghanistan ]

March 5, 2007 10:15 PM
Muqim Shah said...
my name is asefa iam 14 years old i am student of naswani BB maryam and this is 4 months i am stydying in taluqan ILC .
fist of lla i want to gongurtulate the women iternational day 8march which is coming soon for all the women round the world .
than this is the first chance for afghan ladies to talk about their rights and i am really huppy form this good event .
after that i want to have appreiciate from Rilief intenational which they help us in this section .
afghan socity provided the good chance for all the wpmen to have good education ,good rights in many section and now it is better than the Taliban regim which they had many violence over the women in afghanistan .